1. Immediate removal Qualified Immunity for all law enforcement (Police, Sheriff, Correctional Officers, Detectives, prosecutors etc..)

    • Repeal RCW 9.46.212 “Officers designated with police powers authorized to take action to prevent physical injury to person or substantial damage to property—Immunity from civil liability—Exception”

  2. Refunding Black & Indigenous education, housing and healthcare by means of defunding SPD budget by 50% (~180 million).

    • Education

      • Hardware and Home wifi assistance

      • Revitalization of Arts & Trades

      • Finance Education

      • Accessible College Prep

    • Housing

      • Stratified-Income housing (NOT LOW INCOME)

    • Accept existing proposals from Black-led, community-based organizations to maximize underutilized public land in King County (as defined by King County Equity Now)

    • Designate the South East SPD Precinct as a Peace and Diversion Center to address root cause and provide resources rather than incarceration.

  3. Creating multi-racial citizen oversight board to review all deaths and injuries; and false arrest incidents.

    • Community oversight in each precinct reviews all incidents on bi-weekly basis

    • Board will be populated by locals and rotated to maintain impartiality (similar to jury duty)

    • This jury of sorts should have full ability to terminate/suspend officer(s) with or w/o pay

    • Board will be compensated to discourage bribery

    • Board members will rotate on a 3-month basis

  4. Annual Training/Certification will be required for officers to be deployed in field 

    • De-escalation and civilian safety (annual)

    • Medical response (annual)

    • Mental health 101 training (annual)

    • Trauma informed training for law enforcement

    • Mandatory mental health evaluation every 6 months

  5. Actual Accountability for Officers

    • All detectives, correction officers MUST wear functioning unobstructed body cams when in public or with a suspect

    • Extension of illegal search and seizure

      • If footage from body/dash cam cannot collaborate case, case thrown out

      • Any damage occurring to body or property during police integration/engagement if body cam is off will be officer’s personal liability with no immunity. (If cam is off, cop is at fault)

    • Publicly display all complaints, charges, incidents of all officers in an accessible manor. (digitally)

    • End Entrapment. Repurpose all undercover police fleet vehicles to standard fleet. Identify all standard fleet police vehicles and uniforms with bright colors (green, yellow, blue, etc.).

    • No Hiring officers previously charged with domestic abuse, sexual misconduct, violent behavior or racial prejudice.

    • No Hiring officers who were terminated for cause or have brutality complaints from other departments anywhere (including military).

    • Immediate termination of SPD officers with charges still employed (73 currently identified)

  6. Removal of youth felonies in order to break the school-prison pipeline.

  7. Officers will be held accountable on multiple consecutive cases of tear gas on Seattle communities.

  8. Release & Amnesty for ALL protestors

    •  Aid for any medical and psychological trauma incurred by excessive force used by SPD used against protesters (rubber bullets, flash bangs, tear gas or other weapons)

  9. Community Service requirement

    • All officers will be required to yield 20% of their time to local community service (local to precinct)

  10. Stop the development of new youth jails and repurpose the existing facilitated to deliver culturally responsive and accountable community services designed to support and deliver positive outcomes for youth and their families

    • All interventions will be designed specifically for youth that are accountable to the community for positive youth outcomes and will be culturally relevant

    • Best practices will remain transparent to public to maintain social accountability

  11. Halt all predatory development in the Central Area and other historic areas of Color

  12. Sever all existing contracts and all financial ties between Seattle Public Schools and SPD

  13. Stop calling them Police Officers and start calling them De-escalation Officers. 

  14. Total Transparency throughout this whole process.